Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fish & Salad Bento

I'm making the best of dinner this week and made an extra fish filet last night for today's bento. Ah, the beauty of planning ahead. :) Today's bento comes to 4 Weight Watcher's points.

This bento contains:
1 fish filet (2.5 points)
1/2 tbsp Tartar Sauce (in the blue strawberry) (.5 points)
lettuce (0 points)
red bell pepper (0 points)
cherry tomatoes (0 points)
cucumber (0 points)
2 tbsp. chickpeas (.5 points)

not pictured:
1 tbsp. Newman's Own Lite Sesame Ginger Dressing (.5 points)


scopda said...

This looks great! So do the rest of your recipes. I'm a ww member and a new fan of bento lunches. They seem like a great way to increase food variety and control portion size. Thanks for the great site! I can't wait to try these!

ebundri said...

Glad to have you! I hope this site helps give you some ideas. Most of the recipes I use are from the WW site, so if you have access to that it should be extra helpful!

Flying Lily said...

Kyoot cucumbers!!!