Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's Bentos

My husband liked his bento so much last time that he now asks me when I'm making mine, 'So, what are you putting in mine?'. I actually wasn't planning on making him one for today, but luckily we had still had some leftovers from last week. So he was happy. I'm going to keep counting points for his bentos because: (1) he is trying to lose weight, though he's not doing Weight Watchers, and (2) that is the purpose of this blog. Does anyone know of any men doing Weight Watchers? I know they have a new program for them, but I have no idea what the target points for a man would be.

My bento for today comes to 4 points.

This bento contains:
4 Cheese & Spinach Ravioli (2 points)
1/8 cup edamame hummus (1 point)
3 small sweet peppers (0 points)
1/2 cup asparagus with garlic & sesame oil (1 point)
Not pictured:
1/2 cup Classico Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce (1 point)

My husband's bento comes to 8 points:

This bento contains:
1/2 serving of Soba Noodles with Garlic Tofu (2 points)
1 slice Colby Jack cheese (2 points)
2 oz lean ham (2 points)
Asparagus with garlic & sesame oil (1 point)
1/8 cup edamame hummus (1 point)
3 small sweet peppers (o points)

Making his bento was actually a pretty big deal for me. I'm vegetarian (well, pescetarian, because I eat fish), and I don't cook any meat for him. If he wants chicken or something, he makes it himself. So the fact that I actually handled the ham to make the roll-ups was a pretty big deal. I guess my compulsion to make it pretty outweighed my avoidance of touching meat.

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