Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday's Bentos

I was sick yesterday, so today's bento was actually supposed to be for lunch yesterday. But everything should still taste fine. :) My bento comes to 5.5 points.

This bento contains:
1 cup of Cabbage Salad with Ginger and Sesame Dressing (1 point)
4 oz Tuna Steak with Wasabi-Ginger glaze (3.5 points)
1/2 cup asparagus sauteed with Sesame Oil & garlic (1 point)

My husband's bento comes to 8 points.

His bento contains:
1 oz ham (1 point)
1 slice of colby jack cheese (2 points)
2 tsp. Horseradish mustard in the strawberry (0 points)
1/2 serving of Alessi Rosemary Potatoes (1 point)
1 tbsp. Ketchup (.5 points)
10 baby carrots (.5 points)
1/8 cup Edamame Hummus (1 point)
1 1/2 cups Cabbage Salad with Ginger and Sesame Dressing (2 points)


Flying Lily said...

Both of these look yum!! I want that salmon in the worst way...

Flying Lily said...

By salmon I meant tuna.

ebundri said...

Haha, thanks! The tuna was really nicely complimented by the ginger paste and wasabi. I highly recommend it!

Cooking Light Recipe:

eilismaura said...

I have the Chococat box!!!!

I did rejoin WW - my 3rd weigh in is tomorrow -

It is already off to a rough start because of some health problems souring my desire to make more changes - nothing like losing 50 lbs using bentos and finding MORE problems instead of improvements!

I am looking forward to checking how you integrated bentos and WW - and good luck going forward!

ebundri said...

Congrats on rejoining! I hope you get your health problems worked out. Good luck!